Appointments can be made by contacting our rooms on 03 6388 9284. 
Each new consultation takes approximately 30 minutes. It may take longer if you require a procedure or ultrasound at the time of the consultation. 
The Doctor aims to run on time: however, given the nature of the practice, delays are sometimes unavoidable. Where possible you will be notified of any delays.

It would be appreciated, if cancelling or rescheduling an appointment, that 24 hours’ notice is given as there are always others waiting for appointments.

New OBSTETRIC patients require:

Download a checklist to help you with your first appointment.

New GYNAECOLOGY patients require:

We would prefer if possible for all patients to return all relevant forms and documents to our consulting rooms prior to your first appointment. If you need any help with the above information please contact our rooms on 03 6388 9284 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists.


First visit check list

Patient Medical History form

Patient registration form

Patient privacy of information and consent form

Billing Information

Payment is made on the day of consultation. We accept cash, credit card and EFTPOS. We can submit your Medicare claim on line for certain item numbers if you are registered with them. This would mean that your Medicare rebate is automatically deposited back in your nominated bank account.

Please ensure that you have your Medicare card and private health insurance details with you on the day of your first visit. This is a private practice and the Doctors do not bulk bill or have pensioner concessions. Doctor’s fees are based on the Australian Medical Association guidelines and are reviewed annually.

Obstetric Fees

Fees are charged for:

  • The initial antenatal consultation. This generally lasts 30 minutes and may involve a formal dating ultrasound.
  • Each antenatal visit throughout the pregnancy
  • A Pregnancy Management Fee is billed at 28 weeks gestation and is due to be paid by the 30th week of the pregnancy. This takes into account the whole of pregnancy care delivered by specialist obstetricians, and the 24 hour availability of expert advice and management.
  • Any formal ultrasounds including a possible dating scan at your first antenatal visit if this has not previously been done.
  • All fees relating to hospital admissions including delivery are charged directly to your private health insurer and are not associated with any out of pocket fees from us. Any costs relating to Private Hospital Insurance excess and hospital related fees need to be checked with your insurer and Launceston General Hospital.

You may receive accounts from any other specialists who may be involved in your care e.g. paediatricians, anaesthetists, physicians or surgeons who see you for pregnancy related issues.

Gynaecology Fees

Fees are charged for the initial consultation and follow up visits as well as for any procedures performed at the time of the consultations (e.g. colposcopies and insertion of IUDs). For information on the cost of these procedures you can ring our helpful receptionists.

Written quotes are given for any out-of-pocket fees that may relate to in-hospital gynaecology procedures (e.g. hysterectomies or pelvic floor repairs) prior to the procedure.

Fees are also charged for pelvic ultrasounds performed as a procedure separate to the gynaecological consultation.